Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi, it is me again

Good day readers. It has been years that I did not update my blog. In the future, I will try my best to update my blog at least once per week.

Finally, I have graduated from UTAR, worked as a service engineer at EITA Elevator for 3 months. Previously, I thought I like to work as an R&D enginner. After changed from EITA to APM Coil Spring, I found out that I prefer to work at site instead of office (50/50 plant + office). End up, I resigned from APM and going back to EITA (luckily vacancy still available). Hope that this time I will not make the decision again (god please stay with me).

I have removed all the previous posts. This is because I have decided to change this blog site from selling photograph accessories to my personal log sheet. Any how, thank you for reading this post. 

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